Salt Lake City UT Medical Qigong Treatment And Certification Training Launched

Tranquil Cloud Temple announces the launch of its Qigong healing and wellness services, which includes medical sessions, certification training and classes, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tranquil Cloud Temple, a company that specializes in holistic healing and wellness, has announced the launch of its Medical Qigong services serving Salt Lake City, Utah.

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This announcement will help people based in Salt Lake City, Utah by providing access to high-quality, alternative health and healing methods.

Qigong, which translates to “life energy” or “life force”, is the central underlying principle of Tradition Chinese Medicine, or TCM. TCM and Qigong exercises are built around supporting the body’s natural capacity to heal. Qigong involves using coordinated breathing, stretching, self-message and awareness to cure disease and cultivate a healthy body and mind.

Tranquil Cloud Temple offers a variety of Qigong services including Medical Qigong Treatment as well as Practitioner Certification, Therapist Certification and Masters Certification training courses.

Tranquil Cloud Temple’s Medical Qigong sessions are typically one hour in length and provide clients with tailored treatment for their specific health and wellness needs based on their physical, emotional and energetic condition.

During sessions, the Medical Qigong practitioner facilitates energy flow and promotes healing by gently touching key areas on the patient. The treatment works to release qi, or “life energy”, blockages that represent the root cause of the ailment, restoring energy flow and returning the body to a balanced state.

Tranquil Cloud also offers Qigong classes that focus on teaching postures that promote the healthy flow of qi in the body. The company’s Introduction to Qigong Class, for example, teaches the Eight Brocade Qigong made up of a series of stretches accompanied with breathing exercises that strengthen muscles in the arm and legs as well as enable flow of qi.

The latest announcement from Tranquil Cloud Temple reflects the company’s commitment to providing clients in Salt Lake City, Utah with a holistic alternative to Western medicine. The company has developed a strong reputation for their high-quality classes and services.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We at Tranquil Cloud Temple are excited to announce that our Qigong services are now available in Salt Lake City, Utah and look forward to providing our new clients with a holistic alternative to wellness and healing.”

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