Salt Lake City UT Addiction Alcohol Drug Detox Withdrawal Program Launched

Salt Lake City Drug Rehab, a leading Utah facility designed to help patients overcome alcohol and drug addiction, has launched a new medically managed detox program.

Salt Lake City Drug Rehab, a specialist rehabilitation center based in Utah, has launched a new medically managed alcohol and drug detox program to help support people who are abusing substances but want to stop.

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The newly launched medically managed drug and alcohol detox program is aimed at helping people who are facing challenging withdrawal symptoms and require support through the process. The professional team understand how painful it can be to go through the experience.

The key differences between detox programs is the variance of rules. For instance, some programs may encourage participants to stop smoking and may have specific rules about going outside and other triggers that are likely to cause relapse.

A medically managed detox based at a medical facility differs from a standard detox as there may be the option to taper narcotic prescription addictions such as benzodiazepines, vivitrol and methadone.

Salt Lake City Drug Rehab is an alternative to attending a local hospital for treatment and promotes a peaceful and healing environment designed to help patients feel like they are at home. The center offers a fully comprehensive drug abuse and alcohol addiction, substance abuse and counseling treatment.

An individual tailored approach is applied as many people suffer from multiple issues at the same time. Many people who abuse substances can also experience mental health issues, but similarly, many people with mental health issues may turn to drugs and alcohol. It is important to treat both symptoms effectively.

The company suggests some insurance providers may cover the costs for a medical detox program and strongly advises people to join a program based at a clinic. The alternative is a ‘social detox,’ which is recommended only for those who can control their minds and have strong will power.

A company spokesperson said: “Where possible, a medical or facilitated drug or alcohol detox is strongly recommended. We find it is in the patients’ best interest and as the road to recovery is a long-term commitment, we want to give people the best possible chance of beating addiction.”

Interested parties are invited to visit the website link provided above to find out more about Salt Lake City Drug Rehab.

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