Salt Lake City Ketamine Clinic IV Infusion Therapy For Mental Health Launched

Therapy Reset ketamine infusion clinic from Ogden, Utah is now offering IV infusion ketamine therapy to help treat mental problems. The therapy cures depression, anxiety, OCD and chronic pain, and is available for patients in Salt Lake City, Ogden and other areas.

Ogden, Utah ketamine infusion clinic Therapy Reset launched a ketamine IV infusion therapy to help patients suffering with mental health issues. The clinic also treats chronic pain, phobias, sleep disorders to name a few. The services are available for patients in Ogden, Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

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Therapy Reset’s newly launched ketamine IV infusion therapy is designed to help patients to reorganize and reset their brain’s ability to communicate with all its systems. When a person is afflicted with pain, anxiety, depression and stress, their brain cannot function to its full capacity. To help treat their patients of these afflictions, Therapy Reset is now offering low-dose ketamine therapy infusion.

According to medical experts, ketamine aids in stimulating neuron growth which helps brain cells communicate better with each other. Through the innovative ketamine therapy, neural pathways can actually be repaired unlike traditional antidepressants which work by dulling these signals and changing the brain’s serotonin and dopamine levels.

Long term depression is found to be caused by the brain’s glutamate receptors being over activated. When treated with Therapy Reset’s ketamine IV infusion therapy, these over activated receptors are blocked, which jump starts recovery.

Traditionally used as a safe and effective anesthetic for more than 50 years, a low-dose of ketamine significantly curbs chronic pain without the addictive properties of opioids. It also has the ability to aid in the brain’s structural plasticity which helps the brain recover from damage caused by disease or stress.

At Therapy Reset, the ketamine IV infusion therapy begins with a free, no-obligation telephonic consultation with one of their experienced clinician. Before the actual treatment, a full medical, symptomatic and diagnostic review and evaluation is then done to determine how one might respond to the infusion treatment.

During the treatment, the caring Therapy Reset clinicians will make sure that patients are feeling comfortable, safe and relaxed in their own private treatment rooms while being closely monitored. Post-treatment evaluations and consultations will then be done right after the treatment for further recommendations.

More information about Therapy Reset and their IV infusion ketamine treatment is available over the phone at +1-385-626-6027 or by visiting the aforementioned website. For the clinic’s exact location, please visit

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