Salt Lake City Addiction Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs Announced

Salt Lake City recovery centre Amazing Life Design has launched customized programs to help rehabilitate people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Amazing Life Design in Salt Lake City, Utah has announced professional addiction recovery sessions. The sessions focus on helping addicts live a life free of addiction with intentional living strategies.

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The organization works with addicts by having them work with their Life Architects, professional therapists and addiction counselors who are fully qualified and experienced in effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery methods.

The programs are customized to work with each patient and will address their unique situations to deliver an effective and beneficial strategy to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. They are designed to help addicts who have failed using traditional recovery methods in the past find a new, meaningful approach to life after addiction.

Organization owner Jim Pehkonen has been coaching people since 2005 and has helped numerous people transcend their old lives of misery and addiction into fulfilling, happy and amazing lives.

The programs work by beginning to understand the nature of thought of the addict and work together to shift the understanding to begin to create a new experience of life. Jim brings a deep understanding about how trauma of the past can impact and transform future happiness.

In 2003 Jim left a successful career in the corporate world to journey into transformation, first on his own and eventually building his company through Amazing Life Design and now works full time living his passion as a Life Architect.

He is a Life Architect and a Certified Transformative Coach and has studied in two academies and done extensive work in a World Wide Transformation Education organization. He brings his years of experience and credentials to the table to help addicts move on from their troubled pasts and achieve true happiness.

Anyone who is struggling with addiction or knows someone who is, could benefit from Jim’s approach to recovery. Interested parties can find more information and book a consultation at the link above.

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