Salesforce and Jira Users Salesforce Jira Integration Launches June 25, 2021

Peeklogic announced the availability of their new Salesforce Jira Integration "Peeklogic Jira Connector" beginning June 25, 2021. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Salesforce Jira Integration will soon be able to purchase Peeklogic Jira Connector by Peeklogic. Today Sergii Grushai, CEO & Founder at Peeklogic releases details of Peeklogic Jira Connector’s development.

Peeklogic Jira Connector is designed to appeal specifically to Salesforce and Jira Users, improves efficiency of collaboration between sales, support and development teams and includes:

Create and manage Jira issues directly from Salesforce – This feature was included because This Salesforce Jira Connector feature will improve collaboration efficiency between sales, support and development teams by 10%. Sales teams would be able to communicate with support and development teams without leaving Salesforce CRM. This feature was included as part of the product to help sales reps to focus more on sales. . This is great news for the consumer as It will save sales teams hours of time and it’s good for our customers because they would continue workin within the environment they are used to – Salesforce CRM and won’t spend time adopting to non sales tools, like Jira.

Automate Salesforce Jira Integration – This was made part of the product, since Peeklogic Salesforce Jira integration allows to save more time for in-between teams communication and even automate it with the help of Salesforce Process builder. You could automate Jira Issue create from Salesforce for example when Case in Salesforce is created. Or Jira issue comment would be added in Jira automatically when Salesforce Opportunity status is changed. This feature was included in the package to save around 10% more on between teams communications because manual interactions are minimized. Customers who buy Peeklogic Jira Connector should enjoy this feature because Reporting feature allows not only to build reports on Jira issues and it’s fields within Salesforce but turn on 2-way synchronization.

Peeklogic Jira Connector Reporting feature for Salesforce Jira Integration – Peeklogic made sure to make this part of the Salesforce Jira Integration’s development as This Salesforce Jira Integration feature allows to report on Jira issues related to for ex. Salesforce Opportunities, to see which Opportunities still have open tickets. Because how smart it was architected it allows in addition to turn on 2-way sync between Salesforce and Jira which is exciting as now you can use Salesforce process builder to automate various events on Salesforce side. Let’s say when Jira issue was closed in Jira – related Salesforce Case will be marked completed automatically. Customers will likely appreciate this because It’s a huge help for executives as they could build flexible reports on Jira issues related to Salesforce records as well as automate processes on both sides – Salesforce and Jira.

Sergii Grushai, when asked about Peeklogic Jira Connector said:

“Peeklogic Jira Connector combines our 10 years of experience with different businesses and across various industries. This is the most flexible Salesforce Jira Connector in the market which allows to integrate Salesforce and Jira both ways.”

This is Peeklogic’s third release of a new product and Sergii Grushai is particularly excited about this release because Our Salesforce Development Company – Peeklogic – was working on the project several years and finally all the pieces are in place. A lot of companies focus on improving Sales department or Support department, but not many of them think of improving in-between teams communication. We are excited that Peeklogic is bringing value to the market and allows you to benefit from our Salesforce Jira Connector.

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Release ID: 89028830