Sales SMS Text Chat Product For Small Local Business & Auto Dealerships Launched

A new two way texting platform, Sales TextChat, has been launched to improve communication between auto dealerships and their prospective clients, with its own dedicated product website, helping car dealers close more sales from an improved sales funnel.

A newly launched product website, Sales TextChat, shows how small local businesses and auto dealerships can utilize new two-way texting technology to generate more sales increasing revenue and profits.

More information about Sales TextChat’s services is available at the website:

Sales TextChat is a sales and service two-way text chat, a digital marketing tool ideal for automotive dealerships to communicate with their prospects and clients. Figures show that since 2014 the most preferred form of communication for Americans under the age of 50 is text messaging, making the Sales TextChat a growing part of sales, marketing and CRM strategies, and those who are quick to adopt this will have a competitive edge within their industry.

Buyers prefer text chat as it’s less invasive and time consuming than a series of phone calls, and salespeople in the business can capture the prospect’s name, phone number and opt-in authorization to continue with communication from the first message, and nurture them through to the end sale. 98 percent of text messages are read within 5 minutes.

In addition, prospects that are closer to a purchasing decision are more likely to initiate a text chat as opposed to a web chat, as web chat is more convenient for prospects who wish to conceal their private details. However, Sales TextChat says that text chat and web chat are indeed complementary services, and that prospects will select the communication method most comfortable with them, correlating to where they’re at in the sales cycle. The company says that one in four text chats lead to a final sale, as opposed to one in ten to one in 20 web chats.

Sales TextChat have developed and launched some industry first features in their text chat platform: chat texting functionality may be added to an existing landline with a vanity 800 number to enable incoming text chats; and, and an automated industry text chat function, that involves uploading a CSV of all stock in the business and receive within seconds an inventory of keywords and images for use with online or offline advertising.

The Sales TextChat platform has loads of other features, described in full detail on the website, including: GenX and GenY friendly; intuitive and organized chat sessions without awkward popups; mobile-friendly agent-to-customer interface with notifications; image, video and document messaging capability; PC chat and Windows PC integrated to live text and web chat; live web chat included (for customers preferring this option initially); SMS reputation and management system to address bad Google reviews; and keyword campaigns, built in staff notifier, iBeacon and geo-conquesting mobile advertising capability.

Sales TextChat has over 10 years’ experience with business to consumer texting, with text and web chat to SMS marketing platform products reaching over 10,000 businesses worldwide. Its 50+ in house ‘texting’ proficient programmers and testers are able to launch new features in the product lines with a fast turnaround.

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