Sales Funnel Interest Upsurge from Business Owners Drives Growth Hacking Course new Growth Hacking & Strategic Marketing online training "Digital Marketing 4117% ROI " via provides Business Owners four free Sales Funnel (Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas) for their 2015 Holiday marketing campaigns. Use coupon code '2015HolidayFunnels' to redeem the 90% discount.

Digital Marketing Agency has implemented a new element to its growth hacking marketing services to benefit both new and existing customers. In order to deliver value fast, it has developed an online course for business owners wanting to have a bird’s eye view on how digital marketing works. In order to shorten the learning curve, the course includes, ready-to-go sales funnels which allow business owners to hit ground running. One thing hasn’t changed and that’s value and business owners now have the opportunity to go from strategy to implementation in a heart beat.

To the delight of many, entrepreneurs looking for growth hacking marketing can now take advantage of the new offering from as the release of its ready-to-go sales funnel is now officially announced. What makes this offer interesting is that these sales funnels will be free of charge to those that complete their digital marketing training course via the Udemy platform.

This digital marketing online training and the sales funnels that come with it, deliver an entirely new approach to growing a company using growth hacking marketing techniques for customers, entrepreneurs and other parties interested in transitioning their old marketing strategies to the new digital marketing era. has been able to do this by taking the lead in this transformation themselves first. This is a digital world, how businesses play that in their favor is critical. is excited to unveil the latest sales funnels offered through their Udemy online course for current and new digital marketing customers. It’s specifically designed to improve their experience and better fulfill the needs of business owners in general.

When asked to provide greater insight on the subject, Jackie Burgoa, CEO at said: “For any business owner or entrepreneur who has ever wondered why their marketing campaigns fail, and if they could learn the necessary skills to successfully generate leads, customers and profits without breaking the bank; this is the perfect chance to explore how digital marketing works. Strategic learning is great, but reinforced with actual hands-on implementation, will catapult their learning growth even faster.”

Digital marketing Agency has made it part of its mission to change the future of as many businesses as possible for the better. Especially in the growth hacking marketing and mobile marketing field. The company is known as a truly innovative digital marketing agency. is constantly looking to improve how their services are delivered and it is known by its customers as a forward thinking agency. Jackie Burgoa is immensely proud of the business, where she applies all her marketing knowledge of the past 22 years.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the digital marketing training and take advantage of the free sales funnels that come with it, are encouraged to visit the online course website at: The Ultimate DIGITAL MARKETING Blueprint – 4117% ROI for full details and to get started. Use coupon code ‘2015HolidayFunnels’ to redeem the 90% discount.

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