Sales Funnel Integrated Website Builder Webinar Marketing Services Launched

ClickFunnels, a Boise digital marketing company, announced a new website builder. The platform is designed to help users create and personalize effective sales funnels for their particular business websites and develop effective digital marketing strategies.

ClickFunnels, a digital marketing company based in Boise, launched a website builder designed to help users implement and personalize effective marketing strategies for their particular business websites.

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Website builders are essential for the well-functioning of all business websites, as they are closely linked to key factors such as page loading times, user responsiveness, intuitiveness and a variety of other elements. As visitor retention is particularly important for Google ranking, a professional, highly responsive web builder is essential for the success of any website, particularly business websites.

Most website builders are designed to help users build generic webpages. Most of them offer a variety of templates and themes, and often allow easy embedding of videos, images and other content. Social media integration is also a common feature of most modern website builders.

However, many business website owners are also looking for digital marketing strategies that will help their website gain much-needed visibility. Such features are often lacking in most modern website builders, forcing website owners to contact third-party digital marketing services.

ClickFunnels launched a new website builder allowing the users to easily create individualized sales funnels for a variety of online products.

The website builder works by first allowing the user to select the desired sales funnel for the particular services that they want marketed. Available sales funnels include book and e-book marketing, product launch, webinar, physical products, network marketing and even offline business marketing strategies.

ClickFunnels also allows its clients to create custom funnels by selecting individual goals, product types and funnel designs.

The funnel is instantly created based on the user’s input, after which custom business content can be built into the existing funnel. For increased effectiveness, all resulting webpages are completely web optimized and mobile responsive, to ensure proper loading and displaying on a variety of devices.

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