Sales Automation Affiliate Marketing For Regular Income Guide Launched

California-based IM Test Labs has launched a new guide to help early adopters generate a regular passive income by using automated sales techniques and affiliate marketing programs.

California-based IM Test Labs has launched a new guide to help people utilize sales automation and affiliate marketing programs to generate a regular, passive, monthly income.

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The newly launched guide helps people generate a passive income each month to enable them to focus on other creative projects or streams of revenue. Passive income from marketing utilizes automation processes such as advertising to improve the financial situation of an individual.

IM Test Labs has launched the new guide in a bid to help individuals who are interested in earning money from disruptive marketing techniques. This approach is already used by individuals working within the technology industry, where disruptive strategies have provided advantages for early adopters.

The company offers a unique business perspective as it looks for cross-industry patterns to highlight opportunities. Veteran marketer John Thornhill has launched one such opportunity in the form of an affiliate marketing program that will enable early adopters to gain financial leverage over their competitors.

John Thornhill encourages people to make money online by selling their own products or services. The skills needed are extensive but can lead to online success. This includes sales video creation, HTML, developing a sales funnel, and building a member’s area.

The concept of affiliate marketing is to provide a method of earning that does not initially require knowledge of extensive web development skills. However, IM Test Labs suggests a basic understanding of business principles is important regardless of whether people have extensive marketing and digital development skills or not.

Having a strategy can help affiliate marketers to set themselves apart from their competition. In some instances, low commission is paid to individuals working in an increasingly competitive space, which is why the guide aims to teach people how to implement effective strategies.

A company spokesperson said: “Our new guide is a game-changer. It explains how to develop business strategies and ideas that are guaranteed to generate a passive income stream. Having a regular monthly passive income can be liberating for people – it enables them to focus on building other revenue streams and projects without having to worry about their finances.”

To read the guide in full, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided.

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