Salem OR Metal Storage Building Manufacturing And Installation Services Launched

A company based in Eugene, Oregon introduces their metal building manufacturing and installation services to cater to the various storage needs of Salem homes and businesses.

Eugene-based company Oregon Carports launches their metal building manufacturing and installation services for clients in Salem and nearby areas. Made with American steel, the metal structures can be used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential applications.

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The newly launched services endeavor to provide clients with solid and durable buildings that are guaranteed to last for many years under the different weather conditions. Depending on the features that the clients select, the structures can be used as carports, boat or RV cover, storage facility, or workshop.

Oregon Carport’s website offers a 3D tool that allows clients to visualize how the metal buildings will turn out based on their preferences. The customization options include roof style, center storage, and installation surface categorized under style. Clients may also pick the size, sides and ends, doors, windows, frameouts, and colors. The online tool provides a rough estimate of the project costs, as well.

Upon placing their orders and paying a small deposit, clients may expect to receive a welcome call and order confirmation from a company representative within 10 days. Oregon Carports will contact the clients again to arrange a schedule for the installation.

Constructed onsite, the metal carports are usually completed within the scheduled build day. There are times when the process requires more than a day, usually when the buildings are very large or highly customized.

A leading provider of steel buildings, Oregon Carports specializes in supplying storage solutions that offer economy and durability. Backed by a 20-year warranty, all of their engineer-certified metal buildings are delivered and installed free of charge. The company offers financing options to make ownership of metal buildings easier for their clients.

Other than Eugene, Oregon Carports also serves clients in Portland, Medford, Eugene, Albany, Bend, Roseburg, Corvallis, Grants Pass, and various other areas in Oregon.

Parties interested in the company’s services may visit the above-mentioned website for more information.

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