Sale Price Announce for Cosmopolitan Collection Makeup Organizer

With the holiday season fast approaching, Cosmopolitan Collection announced an early sale on their best-selling makeup organizer.

The retail price of the makeup organizer is $59.99. For 48 hours only, Cosmopolitan Collection is offering the clear acrylic makeup organizer for $29.97, almost 50% off the regular retail price.

Spokesperson Rob Bowser explained, “We want to offer a gift to our existing customers. We know they love our organizer. Now they will be able to purchase additional organizers for friends and family at a fraction of the retail price. This is our thank you to them. Thank you for their loyalty and for making our product a success.”

Made of injection molded acrylic, the makeup organizer is flexible and can be stacked and used as one piece or separated into two different pieces if desired. The organizer is shatterproof, waterproof, scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned. The four drawers with large, ergonomic handles, space for makeup brushes and additional spaces to hold lipstick, chap stick or nail polish provide plenty of space to store all cosmetic items.

Over 100 customers have written reviews for the acrylic makeup organizer, with 96% of customers stating they like their organizer. The average customer review is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

The Cosmopolitan Collection makeup organizer is currently listed as an Amazon Choice and sold exclusively on Orders of $49 or more are shipped for free. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will provide a full refund if customers are not completely satisfied.

About Cosmopolitan Collection: “As an honest and ethical company, Cosmopolitan Collection focuses all energy, resources, and effort to organizing the world in a beautiful way. By creating a single, acrylic makeup organizer, Cosmopolitan Collection works to improve the world by bringing the best quality makeup organizer in the world to market so that all men and women can use and enjoy the product at a reasonable price.”

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