Salad Pizzeria Helsinki – PiZZalada’s – Reveals A New fast Food Concept

Pizzalada's, Pizzeria Helsinki, was founded in November 2014. It offers a new Concept straight for the existing service lines of the the best selective groceries, restaurants and Cafe´s serving their customers in the take away, fast food and pastry industries.

Pizzalada’s has just released a review of the new new fast food (take away or eat on the spot) Concept releasing how the profitable strategy of PiZZalada’s has been designed to increase the quality and assorment of the service lines of the best selective groceries, restaurants and Cafe´s, in each area, serving their customer flows in the fast food, take away and pastry lines of businesses.

Watch the “PiZZalada’s – Welcome And Enjoy!” (Tervetuloa nauttimaan!) video here:

The review reveals if PiZZalada’s Pizzeria really is capable of delivering a new take way salad pizza concept according to their promise: To deliver a Low Fat, but finger-licking good, fast food, eat on the spot or take away Pizza, which they say, according to the concept, will be done, sliced into four pieces – to make it easy for the consumers to have the PiZZalada’s portions shared with their loved ones – and served …in less than 5 minutes!

The review also shows if this new PiZZalada’s take away concept serving light, healthy and affordable, but extremely delicious pizza with different kinds of fresh salad, fruits and vegetables, really has a functional new fast food pizzeria and Take Away Pizza Concept for their potential customer’s service lines.

PiZZalada’s is a new Fast Food Pizzeria Concept, which can really help to produce and serve a PiZZalada’s pizza with salad being, all in the same time, both light, fresh, affordable and fast to make …but, yet, extremely delicious!

The owner, CEO and the creator of this new Pizzalada’s salad pizzeria Fast Food Concept, Jyrki Raikamo from Helsinki, says there are many people all over considering joining this revolutionary concept.

In the meantime, there’s been a lot of buzz around the potential benefits of this Helsinki based marketing company’s current concentration solely on delivering fresh new product lines and concepts of frozen and/or fast food for the customers of those best selective groceries, restaurants and Cafe´s operating in the fields of the take away, fast food and pastry.

This review gives an objective analysis and outlines of how well PiZZalada’s, the New Fast Food Concept straight for the existing service lines, actually delivers …and some insights into whether it might be a good investment at the current financial athmosphere.

The product review is also available at the next link to the PiZZalada’s company website: The contact information for PiZZalada’s and PiZZalada’s Pizzeria Helsinki (in K-market Jätkäsaari) can also be found there, as well as the “contact us” form.

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