Safety Certification Marks As UL & PFOA-Free Can Mislead Buyers Report Released

A free essay entitled ‘Quality Certification Marks Can Be Misleading’, detailing how some e-commerce sites, retailers or manufacturers are misleading customers with safety certification marks has been released by Chef Johnnys Products.

The healthy nutrition and consumer safety website Chef Johnnys Products released a free report advising consumers how safety certification marks can be misleading and misappropriated by e-commerce sites, retailers and manufacturers simply for commercial purposes.

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Chef Johnnys Products is a healthy dieting, nutrition and cooking website providing customers with a wide range of free information, reports and essays on the healthy eating and cookware marketplace.

Its latest report entitled ‘Quality Certification Marks Can Be Misleading’ details how some retailers and manufacturers are misleading the public by wrongly advertising safety assurance marks as quality assurance marks, designing their own unofficial marks and labels to advertise their products as independently tested, using outdated safety assurance stamps, and more.

The case of titanium frying pan retailers and manufacturers developing their own customized and unofficial “PFOA-free stamps” similar to original certification to provide customers a reassurance that can be misleading is detailed in the report. Some visual examples of the misleading and manufacturer or retailer-developed “PFOA-free stamps” that customers should be aware of are also provided.

PFOA has been included in the European Union’s list of “substances of very high concern”, falling under the criteria of article 57 c) on substances which may be toxic for reproduction and 57 d) on persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic substances. Its production and commercialization is currently restricted.

The real safety assurance mark attribution institutions and processes in Europe, US and Canada, including the CE, GS, UL or CSA marks is also shared in the Chef Johnnys Products report along with a corporate video on the process and mission statement of the UL Mark, the most widely-accepted safety assurance mark nationwide in the USA, certifying around 22 billion products annually.

The Chef Johnnys Products report also features advice on what customers should look for and analyze while purchasing a product online to avoid being misled and concludes that “it is advisable for online shoppers not to rely entirely on alleged ‘quality’ certification labels, stamps or marks concerning the products they purchase”.

The ‘Quality Certification Marks Can Be Misleading” report is available at the link provided above along with further essays and reports by Chef Johnnys Products on the healthy dieting, cooking and nutrition marketplace, including “Diets Make Room For Healthy Cooking” or “Diet Becomes a Health Promoter”.

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