Safety 1st Heavenly Dream Mattress Prevent SIDS Best Babies Cot Guide Launched

A new guide focusing on the best and safest cribs and crib mattresses to prevent SIDS has been launched. The guide is ideal for anyone that wants to give their baby the safest sleep available.

A new guide has been launched focusing on the best, most reliable and affordable baby crib mattresses to prevent SIDS and the best, most comfortable cots. Dream With Ease goes into detail on the best options available and what to look out for. The guide is ideal for anybody that wants to give their baby the best sleep and safest sleep possible.

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Babies are incredibly delicate, especially younger babies, which means they are more likely to become inflicted with bacteria, mold and other contaminants that can invade the cot and mattress and injure the baby. This means choosing the right mattress as well as the correct and safest crib is paramount for baby safety, and the guide explains what to keep an eye out for.

Readers will discover that SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Statistically, SIDS was directly responsible for .05% of baby deaths out of 1000 babies in the USA during the year of 2005.

More often than not, the SIDS deaths are related and caused by the choice of the wrong mattress. As a general rule of thumb, the mattress should be firm enough to prevent babies from sinking in, as most SIDS related deaths are because of a soft mattress where the baby sinks in and suffocates.

Readers will find that there are a variety of different factors to keep in mind when choosing a crib mattress. For instance, one of the most important specs to consider is what the mattress material is. This is because buying a low quality material mattress is often affordable, but can result in uncomfortable sleeping, bug bites and also potentially SIDS.

In addition to this, making sure that the mattress is waterproof is also paramount to safety. When babies are involved, water or other fluids are inevitably going to get on the mattress.

Sometimes it can be dropping a bottle or another accidental spillage, others it will be the baby making the mess. Having a waterproof mattress means it is always easy to clean and ensure it is bacteria free and safe.

Other factors to look out for are that the mattress may need to be hypoallergenic. In some cases, babies are more likely to gain allergic reactions during their younger growth stage, and this means that using a hypoallergenic mattress can prevent this and eliminate the amount of allergic reactions to give the best level of sleep protection.

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