SafeMe Handheld Discrete Glove Design Womens Safety Self-Defense Tool Launched

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SafeMe announced the launch of a portable self-defense device for women. The discreet, wearable, handheld device gives customers quick and easy access to protection anytime they are in danger.

The launch of SafeMe device brings a new handheld stun device that fits the average female hand. The device fits comfortably in the palm, eliminating the risk of losing or dropping it. Users won’t have to fumble for a protective keychain or rummage through their handbags when the time comes to startle or deter an assailant.

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Most of the personal protection devices on the market now are carried in a purse or connected to a keychain or belt loop. Other options are cumbersome and difficult to carry unless concealed in a large bag or backpack. The new announcement introduces a portable device that users can keep in their hands at all times for rapid protection in the event of an emergency.

According to a 2019 poll conducted by EWN, 80% of female runners have been harassed while running. One in three women is attacked at some point in their life. Women who have been attacked are more likely to carry a safety device but are also prone to suffer from severe PTSD.

Jennie, the designer, and inventor of the SafeMe device believe that women’s safety is a top priority, and investing in user-friendly devices is essential.

SafeMe device is a stun device with a discreet design that can be deployed easily. According to the inventor, the device has a built-in alarm and light that alerts people nearby that the wearer may be in danger. The device’s early warning system makes it easy for users to escape with ease.

Stunning an assailant with the SafeMe device for less than one second can cause small muscular contractions and repel them. Stunning an assailant for over two seconds might cause muscle spasms, loss of balance, muscle control, and total mental disorientation.

According to the inventor of SafeMe device: “Although the SafeMe device stun gun cannot cause permanent injury, you should not use it for over 5 seconds at a time. I outfitted the portable safety device with an alarm and light, which allows it to alert anyone around the location that the user may need help.“

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