SafeMe Device For Women’s Protective New Self Defense Tool For Runners

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SafeMe announced the launch of a portable self-defense device for women. The discreet, wearable, handheld device gives customers quick and easy access to protection anytime they are in danger.

SafeMe is a small handheld device that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. It is a great tool for women to have and to carry all the time.

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The announcement from the company introduces a new personal protection device. The device is a wristband that can be worn at all times, and the company states that it can be used as a first aid kit as well.

The most common way that female runners are harassed is being cat-called. Catcalling can lead to a number of issues for the victim. One in three female runners has been catcalled at some point in their life. Cat callers are more likely to carry safety devices such as pepper spray and stun guns.

Jennie, the designer, and inventor of the SafeMe device believe that women’s safety is a top priority, and investing in user-friendly devices is essential.

Women’s safety is essential, and investing in user-friendly devices is necessary.

The SafeMe device is a device that can be deployed to alert people around you that you may be in danger. It has a built-in alarm and light that will alert people around you that you may be in danger. The device’s early warning system makes it easy for you to escape with ease.

The Stun Gun SafeMe device is a non-lethal weapon that is capable of causing muscle spasms, loss of balance, muscle control, and total mental disorientation in an assailant. The Stun Gun SafeMe can be used to stun an assailant for less than one second.

The SafeMe device states that the SafeMe device can’t cause permanent injury, but the device is designed to warn others if a user may need help. The device is equipped with an alarm and a light, which allows it to alert others if the user is in danger.

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