Safe Foam Booster Seat Toddler Car Travel Tray Lay-Flat Portable Design Launched

A new travel tray for car seats and strollers has been launched by “My Shopping Spot For Totz”. It is designed to be useable on any booster seat, and helps to keep kids entertained on long trips.

“My Shopping Spot For Totz” has launched a new snack and play travel tray for children going on travels. It hooks over their car seat and provides them with a base for eating, playing, and enjoying the journey.

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The site explains that the Kids Portable Play Travel Tray offers a sturdy and secure surface for travel treats and toys.

This makes it perfect for families who travel a lot families who are on the go, and families who drive a lot.

Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the modern traveler, the tray is a high quality product with a range of benefits.

It includes a car seat or stroller tray that provides a flat, safe area for children to eat and play. In addition to this, it has been designed to fit most booster seats.

This provides parents with flexibility and ease of use, because they can buy safe in the knowledge they’ll be able to use it.

Customers will find that the design of the tray is ideal for car seats, strollers, plane rides, and more. It is made from soft, durable foam along with nylon and polyester.

Traveling with young children can be difficult, and that makes driving stressful for parents. On long road trips, it’s important for kids to be entertained so that the driver can focus on the road.

Now, with the newly launched travel tray, young children can eat snacks and play with toys safely and securely.

The team at “My Shopping Spot” explains that the seat is soft enough to be safe for small children, but strong enough to hold up to 1kg of toys. This ensures the tray can be used for a huge range of options.

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