Safa Candles sharing there 5-Step Guide for cleaning candle jars

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Here were our five tricks to get the wax out of a candle jar. Let us know in the comment section which tip you found to be the most useful. Also, do share your thoughts and let us know if you think we forgot something.

Nothing can soothe your mind more than hand-made candles after a stressful day at work. The soulful fragrance and classy looks will rejuvenate your mind almost instantaneously. There’s no denying the fact that candle jars too have a role to play, and just like any other object in your home, these too require maintenance.

It’s essential to remove the dried wax at periodic intervals from jar candle so that you can keep them using. Though the task may sound quite daunting, actually it’s quite easy!

In this blog, we’ve shared some cool tips on how to clean out candle jars in no time. So, let’s delve in!

1 Pour Hot Water

This trick is best-suited for large jar candle. To remove the wax, place the burnt candle on a protective surface, like a dish towel or potholder. Now, boil water and pour it into the container. Make sure it’s filled up to the brim.

The warm water will gradually melt the candle wax, causing it to float to the container’s surface. Cool the entire container completely before removing the wax. Now that it’s done, strain the water and the remaining candle bits.

Another proven strategy for removing the leftover wax out of the candle jar is to allow the jar soak for some time. To do this, put in a drain stopper and fill the sink with warm water. Now, remove the lid, if it has one, and place it in the sink for about 30 minutes.

The warm water will gradually release the wax at the bottom of the container and make it easy for you to pull out. Take caution, as this may remove the label on the jar. This trick also works great for cleaning soy wax.

2 Put the Candle Jar in the Freezer

Time to go back in time. Remember, freezing causes contraction? Well, it’s based on the same principle!

The plummeting temperature will cause the wax to harden and shrink, making it easier for you to remove. You can use a butter knife or spoon to break up any large chunks of wax in the container, only if it has a narrow mouth. If this trick didn’t work for you, place the candle in the freezer for several hours or until it’s frozen.

This way, the wax of the candle or of the soy candle will come out of the container. You can also try loosening it with a butter knife if necessary. Now, scrape off any residue and clean the container with soap and water.

3 Use the Oven

If you need to remove the wax from multiple candle jars at once, you can always use the oven. Begin by scraping out as much wax as you can with a butter knife or spoon. Now, pre-heat the oven to 180-200 degrees, and take a rimmed baking pan with tin foil and parchment paper. Place the candles upside down on a pan and put them into the oven. All the wax will melt in about fifteen minutes. You could also use this method to remove wax from travel tin candle.

Going forward, remove the pan and place it on a heat-safe surface. Now, hold the container using a towel or pot holder and wipe the interior with a paper towel. Wait for some time so that the container cools down. Finally, clean the candle jar with soap and water. Your job is done!

4 Make a Double Boiler

This is another awesome DIY technique! First, try removing as much wax as you can with a butter knife or spoon. Now, place the candle inside the pot or a large metal bowl on a heat-safe surface.

Going forward, pour boiling water into the pot around the candle, ensuring that the water isn’t peeping into the candle jar. Place the jar in warm water until the wax softens. Next, hold the jar in your hand and use a butter knife to loosen the wax. Finally, remove the container from water, remove the wax, and wash it with soap and water to make it look as good as new.

5 Turn On Your Hair Dryer

You can be a bit unique and use your hairdryer to remove candle wax. Hold the candle with an oven mitt and turn on the dryer to heat the candle’s wax from the sides and bottom. Once the wax turns soft, lift or scrape it out of the container using a butter knife.

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