Sacramento Toddler Preschool Home Teaching Activities Online Program Launched

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Growing Brilliant, a Californian preschool academy, has launched a new online preschool program. The program provides fun, interactive, and educational activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Growing Brilliant, a pre-school academy based in California, has launched an online pre-school program to help parents who are home schooling toddlers and pre-school children.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting

The newly launched service provides pre-schooling services online and allows children aged 0 to 6 to stay engaged, educated, and socialized while receiving home schooling by engaging in several interactive activities.

The service provides parents with tips and ideas for activities that will help to keep their children actively engaged and receiving the social interaction they need.

The program is delivered through online video chat classes which are to be attended by the child and other students.

A box of curriculum supplies to help children participate in the program is included and delivered to the child’s address on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

The online classes are led by a Growing Brilliant Teacher, and parents can choose for their child to partake in the classes two, three or five days per week.

Each session is 45 minutes long and includes fun, interactive activities that help children to socialize, learn and grow.

Some of the home schooling activities included are singing, playing instruments, learning sign language, painting, and more. Children can also remodel clay, try watercoloring, partake in whiteboard learning, and enjoy crafting.

As part of the launch, parents can enjoy online preschooling at a fraction of the cost of regular preschool options. Prices start at $24 per week, plus a $35 fee which covers the curriculum box supplies.

Interested parties can schedule a complimentary class to trial the service by visiting

They’ll be asked to fill out one form per child, and include their child’s name and age, along with a contact email address.

New enrolments can start the online program at any time and course supplies normally arrive within five to 10 business days.

Growing Brilliant is a Californian preschool academy that is the four times winner of the Best Preschool Award. Their classes are led by a team of experienced preschool teachers and they provide education-based curriculums that cover over 60 different subjects.

For more information on Growing Brilliant and the launch of their online pre-school visit the URLs above.

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