Sacramento Internet Reputation Marketing Agency Launches Business Reviews App

A Sacramento internet marketing agency released a new reputation management app. The California reputation marketing experts focus on helping business owners obtain, manage and respond to online reviews in order to enhance their brand image and overall business success.

Ace Biz Marketing, a Sacramento internet marketing agency, launched a new reputation marketing app that helps small businesses get five-star reviews.

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The online marketing competition has always been intense, with businesses simultaneously striving to build a solid brand image and outperform similar businesses in terms of online visibility and market reach.

However, the advent of mobile technology has led to an even sharper growth in online traffic. This contributed to an ever-increasing focus on search engine optimization, with factors such as page ranking and reviews score becoming more and more important.

A large share of online consumers turn to online reviews before making a purchase, with recent surveys showing that up to 90% use reviews in deciding which services to use. In the world of online businesses, this translates in large investments in reputation marketing and management, with a focus on developing successful client relationships.

Such efforts aim at encouraging clients to offer positive feedback, as well as enabling the company to remedy any potential issues.

Ace Reputation Marketing, the new app launched by California reputation marketing experts at Ace Biz Marketing, offers businesses the tools to optimize their online reputation.

The app offers clients a comprehensive dashboard with an accessible user interface. Two main types of reputation management services are immediately available.

The first one is review and employee monitoring. This allows businesses to connect any negative reviews with the corresponding employee actions, thereby determining what exactly led to the specific negative reviews.

Furthermore, the app offers an effective review request system, with an additional feature immediately signaling negative reviews. This encourages clients to provide feedback while also enabling businesses to take immediate action when required.

Ace Reputation Marketing aims to help business owners develop a solid online reputation by providing them with an accessible way to request and manage client reviews, as well as link them to employee performance.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website listed above. To receive a demo, go to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

Please contact Ace Biz Marketing to inquire on how a small business can improve its reputation.

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