Sacramento CA Modular Industrial Storage Solutions – Automated Delivery Launched

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Northern California representation of Modula, a leading manufacturer of automated storage solutions for industrial businesses, has been launched by bmh equipment, a company located in Sacramento, CA.

bmh equipment, located in Sacramento, CA, has launched their representation of Modula, a leading manufacturer of automated storage solutions for optimizing space and improving retrieval operations for industrial sectors, including automotive and truck dealerships.

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This company has launched Modula, offering both vertical and horizontal storage solutions to improve productivity, efficiency, retrieval accuracy, and ergonomic issues, all of which can help a company save time and money – and even more importantly, reduce the risk of injuries. A major feature of Modula storage units is that they provide automated delivery, dramatically increasing productivity and saving individuals from bending and reaching for parts.

At one time, space was not at a premium, and sprawling warehouses away from city centers were normal. Unfortunately, these warehouses were not designed for the demand of today’s market. In addition, the cost of space has increased dramatically and is a major factor in developing a business plan, emphasizing the need for Modula automated storage solutions.

Through automated delivery, these units save the time it takes workers to go to an item’s location, find it, and take it to the appropriate spot. More deliveries can be done without extra workers and without human mistakes. In addition, Modula units are ergonomic, deliver items at the correct levels, and virtually eliminate the stress and strain involved in handling materials. The units are not complicated – a worker can safely operate a unit with only 30 minutes of training.

Another benefit of these units is that inventory management becomes much simpler since it is part of the automated system. Data about stock is available immediately without in-person counting.

Modula storage solutions, manufactured in the USA, gives companies a new way to look at storage space. In fact, they can help companies recover as much as 90% of wasted valuable storage space. By using these units, parts and materials are available in a reduced storage area, resulting in lower energy bills, more efficient operations, and a cleaner environment.

bmh inc provides Modula experts to guide new users from the first contact through installation and training, helping to determine the best storage solutions plan, ensuring installation goes perfectly and providing training and ongoing support for the best experience possible.

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