Sacramento CA Managed Commercial Security CCTV Camera System Services Launched

A CCTV company based in Fremont, California launches their managed commercial security cameras for local businesses who wish to benefit from high-quality video security systems without handling the upkeep.

California-based company OVISS CCTV launches their managed security camera services for businesses looking to protect their premises with reliable CCTV systems without dedicating manpower to their maintenance. The professional team is able to cater to various types of commercial properties in their home city of Fremont and many other cities throughout the country including Sacramento, CA

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The newly launched services provide adequate protection for every kind of commercial establishment as OVISS CCTV makes sure to customize their systems according to their clients’ specific needs. During the planning phase, the CCTV experts also take the time to find the spots and angles that can best deliver the most optimal coverage for the building structures.

Before each system is delivered, the company tests the cameras and other components to verify that they are in perfect condition. Then as they reach the client’s property, a second layer of testing is conducted to check if everything is working as expected.

All OVISS CCTV systems are designed to be plug and play. Clients have the option to hire a local low voltage electrician to install the products, or they can schedule the work with an OVISS-certified contractor. Regardless of which option they choose, they can rely on the company to help in planning the installation process, enabling a smooth completion for every project.

Once the system set-up is done, the company provides clients with access to their mobile app and training. They also monitor the system’s health so that their owners can be alerted immediately if anything fails.

Since 2004, OVISS CCTV has been providing fully managed security camera systems with the assurance of 99% uptime. Their wide range of clients includes restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, car wash facilities, hotels, warehouses, shopping centers, and offices.

One of their satisfied clients writes, “Oviss is amazing! They offer top of the line security systems with world class service. I am an Oviss client currently with 2 properties and I will not hesitate to use their services for future properties I manage. I highly recommend Oviss Labs.”

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