Saber X Training in Virginia Beach Now Enrolling Lightsaber Dueling Lessons

Do you like Star Wars combat scenes? Have you ever imagined yourself as a jedi dueling with someone with a lightsaber? For some, Star Wars is a way of life. King Tiger Martial Arts.Inc Virginia beach can teach you how to perform saber swordsmanship.

Do you like Star Wars combat scenes? Do you imagine yourself as a Jedi or a Sith? Would you actually like to duel someone with a lightsaber? With Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting the cinemas, there is no better time to sharpen your saber sword skills than now.

Finding the perfect martial arts class where Jedi dueling is taught has been an aspiration for many Star Wars fans. Luckily if you’re living in Virginia Beach, this can now be done. Introducing the Saber X Training class by King Tiger Martial Arts, the home of Jedi dueling. Saber X training is a martial arts class in Virginia Beach that teaches you how to perform perfect saber swordsmanship similar to your favorite Star Wars combat scenes.

Not only will you learn true swordsmanship techniques, but philosophies and disciplines associated with each art. All this with a super cool light saber with sound and light effects.

King Tiger Martial Arts, Inc. is the ONLY school in Virginia Beach offering Saber X Training. The Saber X training class teaches Jedi dueling with a real light saber helping you channel your inner Obi Wan and Darth Vader. The Saber X training class is the hottest and most popular training in Martial Arts today. In the class, both kids and adults get to learn swordsmanship styles, honor, self-control, discipline and fun in a very safe and controlled environment.

Will you look as good as Obi Wan, Luke, Darth Vader or Darth Maul do on screen? Is the force strong in you? Only YOU can determine that.

Instructors teaching the Saber X Training at King Tiger Martial Arts have over 50 years combined martial arts experience training children (3-11), teens (12-16) and adults (17 up), choreography, movie stunt work, tournament competitors, and character development in kids and adults.

To celebrate the latest release of the new movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi, King Tiger Martial Arts who is a big fan of jedi dueling is offering a two weeks free Saber X class for kids on Monday & Wednesday from 6:15pm – 7:15pm and for Adults on Monday & Wednesday from 7:45pm – 8:45pm.

If you’re looking for the perfect energy and conditioning program, looking to enhance your self-defense, improve your focus, self-control and discipline, or even gain confidence, then this is not an opportunity you should miss.

King Tiger Martial Arts Saber X training class in Virginia Beach is a safe program which has been endorsed by several students and there have been glowing reviews from parents about the program. “King Tiger Martial Arts has provided a great avenue to channel extra energy, and to not only gain body confidence, but mental confidence as well for my daughter” says Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis. Another parent Cynthia Maria who is a Grandmother says, “they work so well the children. They teach them confidence…bring them out of themselves and get them to participate. It is a great martial arts program”. These reviews can’t be all in vain. Hurry now and join this great program.

About King Tiger Martial Arts

King Tiger Martial Arts, located in Virginia Beach, VA has been teaching martial arts and fitness classes since 1993. They are a full service martial arts training center offering traditional and modern martial arts classes for all ages. King Tiger Martial Arts has an outstanding 5-star reputation teaching the martial arts in a fun and safe manner. Headed by Master Geoffrey A. Cielo and a dedicated team of expert instructors and managers, King Tiger Martial Arts offers your family the best martial arts and fitness programs in the area.

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