Ruthie Darling Childrens Author Moonbeam Unicorn Picture Book Launched

Children’s author, Ruthie Darling, has released the fourth book in her series, called Moonbeam. It tells the story of a unicorn and has a heart-filled lesson running throughout.

Ruthie Darling has announced the launch of the fourth book in her series, entitled Moonbeam, for children who love fantasy, animals, and a sense of adventure. It is written in rhyme, and is certain to become a favorite for families across the country.

Ruthie Darling, children’s author, has released Moonbeam, her fourth book, which shares a universal and heart filled concept. It is written in rhyme and it is certain to become a universal favorite for all ages.

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The newly released book tells the story of Moonbeam, a unicorn who comes from “The Land of the Rainbows.” She and her friends, the rainbows, visit a young boy in his backyard.

When he asks her about her long horn, she replies, “It’s the way I was born.” This message underscores the entire story, celebrating diversity and cultures across infinite boundaries.

Readers might think that this theme is only for children, but it actually applies to any person of any age and anywhere in the world and is particularly poignant in today’s world.

Ruthie Darling is also the author of “The Hole Story,” “Miranda The Panda” and “Mrs Libra and Zoey Zebra.” She is a former elementary grade schoolteacher who has been inspired by children throughout her life.

Her motto/passion is “Empowering children and adults through the wonderful world of children’s literature.”

Ruthie creates worlds of wonder for children and adults as she explores topics familiar to all of us; there are also educational concepts prevalent throughout these stories.

Quoting Ruthie’s site: “Moonbeam is brilliantly illustrated by Adam Devaney and it is also to Adam that she owes her everlasting thanks for making Zoey and her mother, Mrs. Libra, as well as Moonbeam come alive.”

Full details on her books can be found and purchased on her official website at the link above, on Amazon and via PM on her Facebook page at this link

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