Rutherford NSW Daycare Childcare Centre Technology Safety Podcast Released

A child and daycare centre in Rutherford, New South Wales has released a podcast about the safe use of technology by children. Katie Kobler, Director of Your Choicez is the special guest.

Little Miracles Rutherford, childcare and daycare centre in Rutherford, New South Wales has released a podcast detailing the proper protocol in discussing technology with children. This podcast gives parents a guide to helping their children understand the use and potential dangers inherent in the use of technology.

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Rutherford childcare centre has released this podcast on the company’s website and is available to the general public and clients of their childcare centre in Rutherford. This Rutherford daycare facility believes it is vital for parents and children to take the time to discuss technology and its safe use.

The podcast is entitled, “Technology and Safety” by Little Miracles childcare and daycare centre in Rutherford is a sensitive, informative, and fun interview with special guest Katie Kobler, Director of Your Choicez. She discusses how best to safeguard and communicate with children about technology. The entire interview may be enjoyed at

All companies in the daycare and child care world are invited to discover more about Katie Kobler and her important work. Little Miracles and Katie invite parents to support her by taking the time to visit her website. Her organization is dedicated to preparing and educating young people to make positive and healthy choices around the topics of sex, dating and relationships in a non-judgmental, empathetic and empowering way. The site may be reached at

The released podcast is positive and uplifting and leads by sharing the positive impact digital technology has had in the lives of families being able to stay connected. The podcast gives parents, daycare and childcare facilitators, and children the necessary platform to discuss boundaries and rules around the use of iPads, phones, and other devices.

For instance, they discuss an instance where a mom was called by her mom who asked about one of the children in the house. The mom said her child had been asleep for hours. However, the child was in the bedroom with an iPad doing facetime with his grandfather. This story illustrated the need to put iPads on top of the fridge at bedtime and other rules around the use of technology in the home. Little Miracles sincerely hopes the podcast benefits everyone in Rutherford in their adventure of child rearing.

The release of this and other informative interviews are available on Little Miracles website. For more information see the URL above.

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