Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Mayfair, London Beauty Salon Services Updated

Glamorous Lashes (+44 7964 167029), a renowned beauty salon located close to Mayfair, London have updated their Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions services to increase durability whilst maintaining a natural look.

The expert lash salon specialises in eyelash extensions and enhancements and has updated the service to provide more volume and quality. Located near Mayfair, the luxury salon offers designer treatments that guarantee stunning, voluminous lashes for clients seeking a glamorous transformation.

More information about the salon and its services can be found by calling +44 7964 167029 or visiting

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions have gained significant popularity among beauty enthusiasts due to their ability to deliver a fuller and more dramatic look without the use of makeup. Glamorous Lashes, known for their expertise and attention to detail, has enhanced their services to cater to the increasing demand for this technique. Clients can now enjoy the remarkable artistry of skilled lash technicians who specialise in creating customised eyelash designs that accentuate their natural beauty.

The salon's dedication to providing unparalleled quality is reflected in their meticulous approach to lash application. Using the finest quality materials, like silk and mink, and advanced techniques, Glamorous Lashes' experienced lash artists handcraft multiple lightweight lashes into delicate fans, precisely adhering them to individual natural lashes. This method creates a breathtaking effect, adding volume and length while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable feel.

Glamorous Lashes' Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions offer several benefits beyond the captivating aesthetics. The extensions can help achieve a fuller appearance, enhance eye shape, and eliminate the need for daily mascara application. With proper care and maintenance, these extensions can last up to six weeks, ensuring long-lasting beauty for clients.

In addition to their exceptional Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, Glamorous Lashes also provides a comprehensive range of eyelash treatments. Their full list of services includes classic eyelash extensions, hybrid lash extensions, lash lifts, and eyebrow shaping. With a focus on customisation and individual preferences, clients can confidently choose the perfect treatment that aligns with their desired look and will be provided with a consultation before their first treatment.


Glamorous Lashes is a renowned beauty salon located near Mayfair, London. Their team of highly skilled master lash artists possesses extensive experience and a passion for delivering exceptional results. They pride themselves on using only top-quality products and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

For more information about Glamorous Lashes and their services, call +44 7964 167029 or visit

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