Running T-Shirt Design For Sales – Custom Branded Merchandise Tools Launched

Merchbold has announced the launch of its Professional Package, which includes logo design, premium product design, full store setup, and proprietary software.

Merchbold, an e-commerce company that helps users automate the online selling process, has announced the launch of its ready-to-use Professional Package. The company provides a complete e-commerce site solution to help new entrepreneurs break into the rapidly growing digital sales industry by selling custom t-shirts online.

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With the launch of the Professional Package, Merchbold aims to provide their customers with time-tested e-commerce tools and expert assistance to help them begin a lucrative custom t-shirt business.

The e-commerce industry is among the most quickly growing industries worldwide. In 2020 alone, the American e-commerce industry grew 44%, and e-commerce purchases accounted for 21.3% of annual retail sales. Further, the industry is expected to continue its rapid growth, and projections estimate that it will become a $6.5 Trillion USD industry by 2023.

The experienced e-commerce professionals at Merchbold handle the entire process from t-shirt design to fulfillment, which allows their clients to forget logistics and focus on building their brand. The company designs branded t-shirts based on customers’ input and provides its proprietary e-commerce software. Finally, the design team gives customers their own branded, professional websites to let clients start selling as quickly as possible.

In addition to full site setup and custom logo design, the Professional Package includes 10 customized branded product lines, and the product experts at Merchbold can put customers’ branded designs on other premium products, such as jewelry, clothing, and footwear. Purchasers of the Professional Package can create an unlimited number of designs for their t-shirts, and they have access to the Pro version of Slingly, a proprietary software that connects users’ e-commerce sites to other platforms, including Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify.

The hands-off online sales opportunity offered with the Professional Package reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to lowering barriers to the e-commerce industry and helping customers build their t-shirt businesses.

Clients report that the company delivers excellent customer service and quality products, as a satisfied customer said: “They made my designs exactly how I wanted them. I will definitely be back soon.”

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