Running Hiking Elastic Waist Belt Stylish IPhone Holder Pack Launched On Amazon

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Mind and Body Experts announced the launch of a premier running belt with side and large zippered pockets, to be used as a convenient iPhone holder for running or work-outs and stylish hands-free living valuables storage waist pouch for travelling or day-to-day activities.

The Amazing Running Belt, a comfortable and adjustable waist pouch with a stylish design and multiple valuables storage pockets, to be used for running, work-outs, hiking or hands-free travel, walking and ‘day-to-day’ activities has been launched by the popular Mind and Body Experts.

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The Mind and Body Experts is prominent business created by highly trained individuals committed to creating and providing products or tools that represent ‘simple solutions for common problems’ at affordable prices to help customers improve their ‘day-to-day’ experiences and quality of life.

The company has announced the launch of its The Amazing Running Belt, combining a stylish and lightweight design with premier storage capacity, tailored be used as a safe iPhone holder or waist pack for running, hiking or during workouts and sports as well as a convenient and fashionable valuables storage waist pouch for traveling or everyday activities.

The Amazing Running Belt features elastic straps to suit larger or smaller waist sizes and multiple side pockets along with a large zippered pocket with dividers and card or ID holders, to allow for convenient and secure storage, accommodation or organization of a diverse range of personal valuables, from cash or credit cards to IDs, headphones, key rings, IPhones, and more.

More information on The Amazing Running Belt and its premier valuables storage capacity or stylish design and multiple usages, from running or work-out belt to hands-free travel or ‘day-to-day’ waist pack, along with multiple 5-star customer ratings and ‘critiques’ or testimonials can be consulted on the website link provided above or on its Amazon storefront at

The Mind and Body Experts explain that “one of our goals is to provide ‘simple solutions to common problems’ and allowing one to live hands-free is one of these solutions. We believe that going hands-free not only frees up the hands but also frees up the mind which makes our The Amazing Running Belt not just a phone holder or fashionable waist pack but also a lifestyle changer”.

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