Running/Fitness Live Tracker Watch – GPS/Heart Rate Monitoring Product Launched

A new running and fitness tracking watch has been launched on the Mystadora online store. Customers can get free shopping on the latest tech accessories at affordable prices.

Mystadora has announced the launch of a new product, the Garmin GPS running watch. The online store stocks a variety of the latest in home goods, gadgets, electronics, jewelry, outdoor gear, and more at low prices.

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The newly launched Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS-enabled Running Black Watch is an innovative, multi-use timepiece that has been designed for an active lifestyle. It is lightweight and is easy to wear every day.

The built-in GPS feature collects information such as the user’s running distance, pace, and intervals, which the company says is ideal for daily runs, training, and racing. This also eliminates the need for cumbersome phones, straps, or pouches while exercising.

The watch uses Garmin Move IQ to track all activity and automatically recognizes when the user changes what they are doing. For example, it can tell the difference between walking and running, allowing for more detailed fitness analytics.

All gathered data is automatically uploaded and can be viewed by using Gamin Connect via the app or desktop site. The free online community is a place where a user can keep track of their progress and join in fitness challenges.

The tracking features gather information on the wearer’s steps, calories, sleep, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. The website explains that the watch also monitors everyday activity levels and will vibrate when the user has been inactive for a long period as a reminder to keep moving.

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The Garmin Forerunner 35 can be paired with a compatible smartphone. This allows a user to access features such as live tracking, music, and smart notifications.

Mystadora provides free USA shipping on all purchases and offers a simple 30-day return guarantee if the customer isn’t completely satisfied with their chosen product.

A company spokesperson has said: “We work around the clock to find, create, manufacture, and ship you the most innovative products. This way you know you are guaranteed to have the best things money can buy without spending days researching on your own.”

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