Runaway Mail Order Bride Romantic Western – Kindle Cowboy Love Story Released

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American romance author Amelia Rose has released a new novel. The book is a historical western story about a deputy and a mail-order bride.

‘A Loving Heart For The Loyal Deputy’ is the sixth book in the author’s Bear Creek Bride series. The series is a selection of connected love stories that are all based in the western states of the USA in the 1800s and 1900s.

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With this latest release, fans of romance fiction can now read a dramatic love story that’s described as being full of surprises and engaging twists and turns. The book is ideally suited to readers who like books in the Western and Romance genres.

The story is predominately set in Montana in 1893. The story begins when a young woman named Bethany Duncan and an upstanding Deputy Sheriff called Tanner Williams meet.

Hundreds of miles apart, the couple meet when Tanner places an ad for a mail-order bride in the paper. Desperate to escape her hometown and the clutches of her domineering father, Bethany responds and travels to Montana to be with her new love.

But all is not well when Bethany arrives in Tanner’s hometown. The town is full of danger and violence, and Bethany soon discovers that the young deputy is struggling with his own demons.

As their relationship begins to come undone, Tanner and Bethany start to question the mail-order bride system. Will these threats to their blossoming romance prove too much for the couple or will the love they share be enough to conquer all?

Interested parties can find the book on Amazon. It’s currently available on Kindle and as a paperback. The book has been awarded a 4.5-star rating and previous readers have enjoyed the plotline, character development, and historical accuracy.

A reviewer says, “This was an excellent book written by Amelia Rose and I enjoyed reading it. It’s the kind you can’t put down. Another wonderful western romance. Buy the book and find out what happens. Enjoy.”

About The Author

Amelia Rose has published more than 20 western fiction novels. Her previous titles include ‘The Untangling Of Two Hearts’, ‘Healing A Self Conscious Woman’s Heart’, ‘The Rancher’s Fiery Bride’, and ‘A Division Of Two Hearts’.

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