Rugby Danger Injury Prevention Tips & Hacks Preconditioning Report Launched

Gelpro Australia announced a new report on the latest research behind the most common rugby injuries and their causes.

Gelpro Australia, a company specializing in high-quality sports and nutrition products, launched a full report on the most frequent rugby injuries and their causes. The report looks at the scientific evidence behind rugby injuries and offers an accessible presentation of the latest studies, as well as practical tips on how to reduce the chance of injury for both professional and amateur players.

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With the latest report, Gelpro Australia examines the most frequent causes of rugby injuries by looking at three recent studies into the various types of rugby technique and the incidence of injuries throughout the world.

Readers will find an overview of a 2019 study presented at The American Academy of Neurology Sports Concussion Conference in Indianapolis. The research team placed sensors on the helmets of American football players and the mouth guards of rugby players, and compared the results. The experiment showed that football players experienced three times more severe impacts than rugby players, a fact which is linked to the types of tackling technique used in the two sports.

The report also includes three rugby sports injury prevention hacks, such as focusing on pre-season conditioning, taking collagen for injury care and prevention, and maintaining a well-balanced training schedule.

According to the report, correct tackling form can go a long way towards reducing the incidence of head injuries.

The report states: “Rugby is an extremely popular sport, that’s expanding worldwide. However, since many rugby players, especially from the US, have also previously played American football, poor rugby tackling techniques may translate to more concussions. It’s been shown that with the right rugby-tackling form, head injuries can be significantly decreased.”

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