RSC Health Now Offering Rapid Paternity DNA Test Kit For Home Use

RSC Health has been known in the past as Rapid Screenings Center. The Better Business Bureau current gives them an A+ rating. RSC Health / Rapid Screenings Center was established in 2007.

RSC Health is a company that provides DNA testing kits to many parts of the United States. The company has now announced a new product that is a Rapid Paternity DNA Test Kit, non-legal home collection testing system.

RSC Health is a primer company offering home DNA testing kits and more. The company has announced a new home DNA testing kit that can be applied for on their official website. This non-legal home DNA testing kit is stated to be a three (3) person testing module which will test the alleged father, mother, and one (1) child. As opposed to the generic DNA test kits that only test the alleged father, and 1 child.

A company spokesperson made an official press statement “Here at RSC Health, we are a very client oriented company and aim to make DNA testing as simple as possible for our clients. At very affordable rates, we offer very accurate results that are up to 99.99% accurate. More details about our company and what we do can be seen on our website. We have now announced a new home DNA testing kit that consists of a dual testing process, thus making the test even more accurate.”

The non-legal home DNA testing kit can be acquired from the company’s website. It comes with instructions and follows a simple cheek swab testing method that is completely pain free, and be conducted in the privacy of one’s own home. The online registration process allows clients to get results in 1 business day if needed. The company spokesperson further addressed the features of the product.

“We give our clients the option to send us their samples for testing completely for free via prepaid shipping. With results guaranteed in 2 to 3 business days, this DNA test kit is AABB certified and FDA approved.”

More details and contact info can be seen on the RSC Health website

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