RPM Physical Therapy The Woodlands Announces Online Program To Increase Mobility

RPM Physical Therapy The Woodlands Announces Online RIMA Mobility program. Providing a definitive solution to correct knee, back, shoulder, and neck problems without leaving their house.

RPM Physical Therapy of the Woodlands is excited to announce the addition of a new online program to increase your mobility and enhance your health from the comfort of your own home.

The RIMA Mobility program is specifically made for those working long hours, suffering with knee pain, back pain and neck/shoulder pain, and those who are wanting to stay more active but limited by pain. It goes in depth on what positions to avoid, what stretches, and exercises are optimal for movement without pain and how the body functions best. People want to pick up their kids and grand-kids, they want to go up and down stairs and they want to exercise without worrying about the pain they would be in afterward.

This program gives everyone a definitive solution to correct knee, back, shoulder and neck problems without leaving their house. With this interactive program, the clients we help will get the unique opportunity to see detailed 3D diagrams of anatomy, explanations on why all of us struggle with pain and what areas we need to shift our focus to for optimal mobility and increased activity levels. We want everyone to have access to a safe, optimized, and reliable programs to help the workaholics of the world gain and retain strength and mobility while preventing injury, unnecessary medications, and surgery.

This groundbreaking innovative program will contain a variety of guided courses to ensure progress and maximum value, our team will be with the users every step of the way. The design has been optimized by our Doctors of Physical Therapy and every user will get the opportunity to have expert advice at their fingertips. We’ve made the program simple and easy to use so each person can implement new information and change their lives for the better. The amount of value compiled in one database is almost unbelievable and anyone dealing with pain would be helped by this amazing program.

RPM Physical Therapy is a full service physical therapist clinic serves the Woodlands, Tx area, specializing in the treatment and physical training of 40 plus residents throughout greater Houston. Owner and Doctor of PT Jonathan Ruzicka PT, DPT, FAAOMPT is a life long Houston resident who takes great pride in providing the highest quality of service and results oriented therapy and training in the area. Find out more about RPM Physical Therapy at the company website Rpmwoodlandspt.com.


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