Roy McDonald OneLife Business & Life Development Community Video Launched

A new video case study has been launched focusing on real estate and the benefits of OneLife. OneLife is a community founded by Roy McDonald helping to transform the lives of Australians.

A new video case study has been launched focusing on the real estate sector by Adam Quarrell, and the OneLife community. Adam Quarrelis the co founder of Over and Above Property Partners, and has worked with OneLife and received mentoring from Roy McDonald.

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The new video begins by showing viewers how they can control other people’s property and still make profits. This opens the door onto the real estate market even for those who previously thought it was hard to break into.

In the video, Adam presents a series of purchase transactions in Australia. The first purchase is in Lavington NSW, with an agreed purchase price of $259,000.

With this purchase, four money partners loaned $332,580 at 10% and the property was renovated in four months.

The second property is in Paralowie SA, with an agreed purchase price of $185,000. This had a $1 option fee for six months, with an option to extend for three months for a fee of $5,000. This led to a $86,520 profit within 180 days.

With the third property, it was an agreed purchase price of $600,000. Adam entered into a joint venture with the owner for a period of six months. This $5,000 joint venture led to $189,000 profit.

Adam attributes much of his success to OneLife, which is a community of like minded individuals committed to empowering each other to achieve success. It was founded by Roy McDonald, with a focus on transforming the lives of everyday Australians.

The OneLife site states: “For the past 50 years, Roy has searched out, created, and pioneered some of the best strategies for creating wealth and success in people’s lives.”

It adds: “Our team is made up of an exceptional group of aligned, passionate individuals driven to support, nurture and guide all who they come into contact with.”

Full details of the video and the services available through OneLife can be found on the video above and by visiting:

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