Roundhouse Kick the Right Way: Master trains Moms with this Fat Burning Drill

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Roundhouse kicks for rounder glutes. A popular mixed martial arts kick can also be used for moms wanting to get their butt in shape.

Every woman wants to feel better about themselves, look good and of course have a tone body that they can be proud of.  And the one area of concern or challenge is the glute area or more know as the BUTT.  There are many exercises out there that can help the butt to get rounder and tighter so that there is less shake and flab.  Squats and lunges are a few to mention.  But sometimes it can be boring and also stressful on the knees especially for those with injuries.

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That’s where the roundhouse kick comes in.  A roundhouse kick is a kick that is widely used in martial arts as it is a fast and effective way to strike an opponent in the leg, stomach and face.  Rear leg roundhouse kicks are widely used in traditional and mixed martial arts events.  But front leg roundhouse kicks are widely used when it comes to fitness and moms who want to get in shape with kickboxing movements.  It requires core strength, balance and coordination which makes it an effective and fun way to workout the butt.  It seems more difficult at first especially when it is compared to the basic front kick.  A roundhouse kick can begin as a front kick as the knee is raised but it then shifts and pivots sideways to kick with the shin or top of foot.  The easiest way to execute a roundhouse kick with the lead (front leg) is to lean back on rear leg and then lift up front leg sideways with the front knee pointing towards the direction of target.  

Once the leg is at the same height of target snap forward and strike with the top of foot.  Be sure to aim with shin or foot but never toes.  A good workout can consist of ten to twenty repetitions that will really burn the glutes and legs both standing and kicking.

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