Rotting Tomatoes Blossom End Rot Safe Fertilizer And Soil Stimulant Launched

Terra Fresh Home and Garden, an all natural and organic soil fertilizer, is now available for gardeners struggling with tomatoes rotting on the vine before they ripen or blossom end rot.

Terra Fresh Home and Garden, a new natural and organic soil stimulant has been recently launched. This soil fertilizer can prevent and control problems with tomatoes rotting on the vine before they ripen.

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The newly launched Terra Fresh Home and Garden soil fertilizer aims to solve the most common tomato gardening programs, including blossom end rot.

Dark blotches on the ends of tomatoes, or blossom end rot, are alarming for most gardeners. However, they do not mean the end of the crop if the right soil amendment is used.

Blossom end rot is usually caused by the tomato plant not being able to get enough calcium to the developing fruit. This calcium deficiency can be prevented by using the Terra Fresh Home and Garden fertilizer, a natural product that increases the beneficial microbial populations and activity in the soil.

This product breaks down nutrients and minerals into a form tomato plants can use to feed more efficiently, become more healthy and resist disease better. The microbes of the fertilizer can also crowd out and actively fight off harmful organisms that cause disease.

Terra Fresh Home and Garden is completely natural and 100% plant based. It is also free of manure, fish products and chemicals.

This soil fertilizer can help with other common tomato gardening problems, such as leaves turning brown and yellow, slow ripening, climate that is too hot, cold, wet or dry, and poor harvests.

Terra Fresh comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee. If clients are not completely satisfied with what the product does for their tomato plants, they can receive a full refund of their purchase price.

A satisfied client said: “I have grown tomatoes with Terra Fresh Home and Garden for several years now. My plants get so many more tomatoes that I have plenty to give to family and friends. They ask me why my tomatoes taste better than the organic ones in the store.”

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