Roswell GA Comprehensive Medical Eye Exam Routine Optometrist Services Updated

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Eye Care Solutions (+1-678-909-9864), an optometry clinic based in Milton, GA, has updated its comprehensive eye exam services for patients in the Georgia area.

The latest updates offer patients professional optometry services, including full medical eye exams, to assess a patient’s visual acuity for overall health and wellness. The center is open to new patients in Milton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Canton, Woodstock, Cumming, and Johns Creek.

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The recent changes provide expert eye examinations, in addition to diagnosis and treatments for cataracts, glaucoma, myopia, diabetic eye care, and more.

A comprehensive eye exam can make a real difference to a person’s vision and perception of the world, and patients should make time to ensure their vision measures up on a regular basis. During the pandemic, many optometrists have been closed for all but emergencies, but as the world begins to open up, it’s important for patients to book an appointment. Regular eye tests are not only crucial to proper vision, they’re also vital for the early diagnosis of certain eye diseases, many of which do not exhibit symptoms in the early stages.

Depending on the age of the patient, the frequency of comprehensive eye exams can vary. For those in their 20s and 30s, appointments may only be needed every few years. For those with vision problems, or over 50, an exam should take place more often to monitor vision changes.

Dr. Patel of Eye Care Solutions provides thorough and professional eye tests to patients across Georgia, including a comprehensive assessment of their medical history and eye health, in addition to important vision tests. These include a check of eye muscle movements, visual acuity, light sensitivity, color checks, a test of peripheral vision, and more. Dr. Patel may also recommend additional tests for certain eye concerns, such as glaucoma.

Once the exam has been completed, patients are informed of any changes to their vision, and if necessary, provided with a recommendation for glasses or contact lenses. The center offers a wide range of designer frames from well-known brands, in addition to a wide selection of contact lens options, which can be fitted at a separate appointment.

With the latest announcement, Eye Care Solutions continues to invest in professional, quality, and comprehensive medical eye examinations for patients in Milton, Roswell, and the Georgia area for their overall eye health and wellbeing.

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