Roseville ZERONA Z6: Non-Invasive Weight Loss Hips & Arms Fat Reduction Program

A new non-invasive weight loss program that effectively helps users slim down has been announced. The ZERONA Z6 weight loss treatments provide users with the perfect fat reduction outcome without surgery or downtime.

Dr. Steve Funk’s Chiropractic Clinic based in Roseville announced the release of a new weight loss program with non-invasive laser ZERONA Z6. The Zerona Z6 fat reduction method has a positive impact on fat-storing cells called adipose tissues and does not pose any risks to the health.

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Zerona is a body contouring procedure that removes excess fat without any negative side effects associated with surgical methods. Zerona uses a red low-level laser that targets the fat in areas of the body like hips, waist, arms and love handles.

Zerona cold laser technology has shown that it releases the cellular content of fat cells, while capillaries and other cells remain intact.

This revolutionary non-invasive fat loss laser treatment requires no incisions, no needles, and zero recovery time.

The method has been clinically tested and proven to deliver fantastic results.

According to a clinical research report, clients lose on average 3.64 inches from their hips, waist, and thighs in just six treatments. Users also report that they observe a significant reduction in those inches amounting to 3.72 inches for the same body areas.

Dr. Funk’s Zerona Z6 program is safe, fast and painless. The little red laser allows patients to lose those unwanted inches without any surgery and zero downtime.

Zerona does not emit heat or cold and cannot even be felt. Zerona lasers create pores in fat cells and cause the body to process fat as waste. Patients can lose their love handles, get rid of fat and extra pounds and feel again fit and energetic.

Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Funk in Roseville and learn more about this amazing weight loss method by calling 916.899.9990. Dr. Funk prepares a custom treatment plan for each client so that customers can experience fast long-lasting results with the world’s safest low-level laser.

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