Rosemont Residences, Luxury Rentals in Toronto, Awarded the ASAP Accreditation

Rosemont Residences, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has received the prestigious ASAP accreditation, which assures prospective residents will receive the highest quality experience available.

The founders of Rosemont Residences, a property that offers luxury rentals in Toronto, Ontario, are pleased to announce that they have just received the coveted ASAP accreditation.

As a spokesperson for the Toronto luxury rental complex noted, the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) is a quality accreditation tool that is used to assess, report and recognize service apartments in the hospitality industry. The Rosemont Residences, which offers beautiful furnished suites in Toronto, that residents and travelers can count on for their high level of comfort, was part of the accreditation program this past winter. The prestigious accreditation will help Rosemont Residences to be recognized around the world by a noted organization, the spokesperson said. The ASAP accreditation also allows current and future clients to know that the property has maintained a high standard of quality in what they offer their guests. “By being part of ASAP it allows potential guests to know exactly what to expect when staying with us in terms of quality of service and the quality of our furnished suites and unfurnished suites in Toronto,” the spokesperson said, adding that when future clients see that The Rosemont Residences is part of an organization that has assessed the level of quality in areas such as housekeeping, guest services, and building maintenance, they will be more confident in their decision to book with the property. “The accreditation is a reflection of the property and standards that Rosemont Residences believes in. This will entice potential residents to book with Rosemont because there is a standard in place and the comfort of knowing that where they are planning to live is a safe and clean environment.”

The fact that Rosemont Residences has received such a coveted accreditation will not surprise the many people who have stayed at the property. Since it first opened, Rosemont Residences, which is located at the corner of John and Wellington Streets, has earned a well-deserved reputation for its attractive and comfortable unfurnished and furnished apartments in Toronto.

Anyone who would like to learn more about Rosemont Residences may visit the property’s user-friendly website at any time; there, they can learn about the luxurious apartments and amenities.

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