Rootshell Unveils Next Generation In Vulnerability Management Software

Rootshell Security recently unveiled their next generation in vulnerability management software, read on to find more information.

Today, Rootshell Security announced further information about the next generation in vulnerability management, known as the Prism Platform. This platform is vendor-agnostic and puts the user at the centre of their IT security ecosystem. With Prism, users can consolidate assessment results, accelerate remediation and gain real-time insight into the threat landscape of the user’s IT infrastructure.

Prism enables users to consolidate results from any scanning tool or penetration testing vendor, making it much easier to analyse and compare different results. This helps users make the most informed decisions about their IT infrastructure security going forward.

With Prism, users may import results from any vendor/provider in a few simple clicks, with support for most major third-party scanners. This includes the likes of Nessus, Qualys, Tenable and more. The vendor itself can also import the results.

Thanks to Prism, users can also integrate and standardize all available assessment data as it generates a database of the results in a standardized format. Users can also manage all of their vulnerabilities from one single database, eliminating the need to sift through multiple documents and reports at a time.

Prism also comes with a search function that allows for filtering and even results tagging. These features and more make Prism the most comprehensive vulnerability management system for any organization wishing to stay on top of their security.

Rootshell Security is a vastly experienced team of IT security professionals who understand the drawbacks of traditional cyber threat management, and are on a mission to transform the entire process. Within today’s world, cyber threats are on the rise, and there’s no infrastructure that’s safe from cunning cybercriminals.

Prism was developed from the ground up to allow organisations to consolidate all of their results from third-party pentesting, red teaming, and scanning tools in order to eliminate the redundancies of common cyber threat management practices.

To find out more about Rootshell Security or their Prism platform, see their website here:

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