Rootshell Security Publish Article About their Vulnerability Management Solution

Rootshell Security Publishes Article About How to Choose a Vulnerability Management Solution

Rootshell Security spoke to us today about vulnerability management systems, what they are, and how security organisations can choose the best solution for them.

The team at Rootshell began by mentioning how cyber threats are on the rise, and attacks have skyrocketed exponentially since 2019. There’s never been a more important time for organisations to implement an effective vulnerability management plan.

One way an organization can do this is to employ the services of a vulnerability management system. The primary benefit of this is to help IT security teams ensure their processes are fast, efficient, and effective.

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, evaluating, and prioritising flaws within the security of a business’ network, system, or applications. The goal of vulnerability management is to ensure complete visibility and control of weaknesses within a business’ infrastructure.

Vulnerability management is not to be confused with vulnerability assessments, however. The former is more about the process of managing security issues like discovery and remediation, whereas the latter is a type of IT security test for discovery only.

Rootshell Security points out that not all vulnerability management solutions are the same, and the best ones should address a variety of points. For example, the best vulnerability management systems don’t tie users to a specific vendor, and selecting one that makes use of multiple vendors allows a better insight into data performed by various suppliers.

Secondly, critical vulnerability discoveries should be made in real-time, as time of the essence upon discovery. The system a business chooses should facilitate the delivery of results in a timely manner so that any critical issues can be fixed immediately upon identification.

One of the other points made by Rootshell Security is that the platform should be scalable. Vulnerability management platforms should scale with the business as it grows, and users should be wary of systems that limit the number of issues, assets, or users that can be managed on it.

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