Rootshell Security Launches Prism Platform and Discuss its Advantages

Rootshell security discuss the advantages that comes with using their new Prism platform, along with some of the questions their vulnerability management software answers, read on for more

Today, Rootshell Security reached out to discuss its business, how it started, and the services it offers companies seeking better cybersecurity. Rootshell Security started with humble beginnings and quickly became the vastly experienced IT security team that it is today. The company has a firm understanding of the drawbacks that come from traditional cyber threat management and is on a mission to transform the entire process.

The team mentioned that in today’s world, there is an ever-growing list of threats in cyberspace, as criminals move quickly to exploit vulnerabilities in applications and technologies for their own malicious intent. The company discussed how there’s no time to waste for companies when it comes to bolstering their cyber defences.

Rootshell Security has a platform that can help. It’s called the Prism Platform. Rootshell has built this system from the ground up in order to consolidate results from third-party penetration testing efforts, along with red teaming and scanning tools. This makes the repetitive threat management process a thing of the past and turns static results into actionable insights for businesses.

It noted that fast, efficient processes are essential, and that from the moment a vulnerability has been discovered, the clock starts ticking—an attacker can exploit this weakness at any time. One problem is, most teams are still using spreadsheets for their project management and many of them are manually transferring pen testing results from PDFs. They don’t have the free time to collate data for more efficient strategic decisions.

This is where Rootshell’s Prism Platform really shines, as it gives businesses instant answers to key questions like:

– What are the biggest risks?

– Where is the budget best spent?

– Are remediation efforts getting better or worse?

With these answers, teams can begin to focus on more important business decisions.

To find out more about Rootshell Security or how their platform can assist businesses with their vulnerability management, see the following URL:

Release ID: 89058146