Rootshell Security Discusses Continuous Vulnerability Management Service

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Rootshell Security Discusses Continuous Vulnerability Management Service Read On To Find Out More Information

Today, Rootshell Security, a vastly experienced IT security team, released more information about its continuous vulnerability management service, the benefits of using the service, and why it should be utilized.

Rootshell Security is a team of experts who understand the drawbacks of traditional cyberthreat management, which is why they’re on a mission to transform cybersecurity and all of its processes. With its continuous vulnerability management service, Rootshell allows organizations to monitor, analyze, and manage their threat landscape on a continuous basis, all through the use of Prism Platform. This platform is vendor-agnostic, meaning that it is effortless for users to implement reporting and other aspects of vulnerability management into the one platform.

In today’s world, attackers work around the clock to find weak spots within an organization’s infrastructure. Sometimes, they even have tools set up to specifically scan for issues on a regular basis, meaning that moving towards a continuous vulnerability management practice can close the gap and make it much harder for them to find holes in the infrastructure.

Rootshell Security also noted that with its Prism Platform, it is very easy to implement continuous management practices and to centralize all of an organization’s vulnerabilities into one area. Results can all be consolidated from any scanner and implemented into one simple-to-use dashboard, making vulnerability management more seamless.

Prism is also equipped with industry-leading exploit detection, which alerts users of any exploit discovered on a daily basis. This system allows organizations to monitor any threats in real time and to prioritize their threat management more efficiently.

Rootshell Security also pointed out how its platform allows users to track critical assets, making manual asset management a thing of the past. Rootshell makes it much simpler to track, analyze, and assign priority ratings to a business’ assets.

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Release ID: 89065504