Ronald Aai and Cloud 2.0- CloudRedeem Now Moving Across Asia

The Grab platform offers a cashless payment system called GrabPay, the meal delivery service GrabFood, as well as a rideshare service.

In these testing times of the Covid19 epidemic, Ronald Aai and the Cloud 2.0 platform have stepped up to the plate to help as many members as possible in this difficult season. The Grab platform which operates in eight Asian countries is now fully integrated with CloudRedeem, enabling people from these nations to utilize Grab’s services during the current social and economic lockdowns and trying personal financial conditions. While restaurants and food outlets are currently closed to normal custom, CloudRedeem can actually be utilized for online purchasing of food that can be delivered right to your door simply by the push of a button.

CloudRedeem- Purchase Daily Neccessities From The Cloud 2.0 App

The Grab platform operates in Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, and in more than 500 cities and towns in the region. The company offers a cashless payment system called GrabPay, the meal delivery service GrabFood, as well as a rideshare service.

Cloud 2.0 members can directly use their Cloud app and utilize their earned CTOs to buy Grab vouchers for the food and other services offered by the Grab platform. Cloud 2.0 members are already gratefully utilizing this service in more and more locations across the regions serviced by Grab, taking advantage of its simplicity and convenience during a time when even leaving the front door can be challenging.

As time progresses onwards and Covid19 restrictions are gradually eased, Cloud 2.0 members will also be able to spend their earnings directly from their mobile at a larger variety of different stores and service outlets. As CloudRedeem continues to expand, a wide-ranging selection of services will be opened up to the consumer, which not only included rides, food delivery, parcel delivery, grocery delivery, cashless payments and vehicle rentals, but also many other services and shopping opportunities at local participating vendors and businesses. For instance, in Singapore CloudRedeem will be available at the following outlets:

Looking Into The Future Of Cloud Redeem

As lockdowns and economic trends begin to return to normal after the Covid19 restrictions, consumers will begin to return to normal patterns of spending as businesses open and a normal transactional environment is resumed.

More and more people realize that digital assets have evolved from niche tech toys into valuable tokens with a wide range of applications, and Ronald Aai has developed the Cloud 2.0 platform to keep up with this new and emerging trend. To maximize the optimization of users’ way of life, Ronald Aai has brought a new and versatile function of CloudRedeem into the Cloud 2.0 project. By coupling digital assets with lifestyle management which allows users to spend their earnings in the Cloud 2.0 app with ease at participating businesses, this effectively turns users’ mobile phones into a multi-faceted consumer instrument like never before. As CloudRedeem continues to expand its range of available services while simultaneously thrusting into more and more nations and global regions, the spending options available for members will continue to increase exponentially.

CloudRedeem is also utilized as an aggregator of merchants, connecting users to diversified services and providing opportunities to spend digital assets in return for the deals and packages. The application of CloudRedeem benefits both the merchants and the consumers. By enabling merchants to measurably facilitate promotions and secure real-time transactions, it encourages consumers to spend on products and service deals. This would not only contribute to the merchants’ business performance as they tap into a global user base of Cloud 2.0 members, but also provide users with greater benefits and convenience to their preferable deals. When users initiate an order to execute redemption with CTOs, redeemed vouchers will be reflected within the app almost instantly.

CloudRedeem empowers the crypto revolution and seeks to grow to mainstream levels of global adoption by expanding the network of business partners in the near future. It pushes the borders of traditional payment systems by providing users with access to everyday services through seamless digital asset transactions. As the globe gradually exits the Covid19 era, the benefits that members have been able to take advantage of during this time will be continuously expanded on a global scale, making CloudRedeem spending a normal way of life for Cloud 2.0 and its global community of members.

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