Romantic Fantasy Fairy Tale Retold Series based on Beauty and the Beast Released

A new fairy tale retelling series is now available through Amazon targeted at fans of the romantic fantasy historical fantasy genre. A story about true love that goes beyond skin deep. More information is available at the website: and read at

Avid reader and business and technical writer Avani Clare has launched her first fiction book, ‘The Viking’s Curse,’ which is Book 1 of the series titled ‘Darkest Before Dawn.’ The book was launched on January 1st 2022, available through Amazon, and the author hopes it will entertain fans of the romantic historical fantasy world.

More information on the book can be found here: It can also be read for free on Kindle Unlimited or purchased for $0.99 on

This is the first book Ms Clare has authored. The book was written to provide a new and deeper romantic spin on Beauty and the Beast, with elements of history and fantasy. Ms Clare is particular excited about this launch as she feels that a large population of readers, especially adults, still enjoy fairy tales today. Ms Clare says that it’s not just the classic versions that people love. She says readers can’t get enough of any type of fairy tale retelling.

‘The Viking’s Curse’ sets its main focus on a Viking leader who is cursed to die a horrible and lonely death, and his time to redeem himself is running out. Readers will likely find a particular interest in the irony that his last hope is an English maiden who has sworn hatred for the Vikings.

Avani Clare has a background in communication management, history and social research. She says her education has helped shaped the creation of the book by providing her numerous issues to discuss in a fictional context.

When asked about why she wrote the book, Ms Clare said: “I love fairy tales. I love them all, from the classic stories to modern adaptations. But my favorites are those integrated with history and fantasy.”

“I’m always thinking, what if this happened during the Viking era, or King Arthur’s time, or during the Napoleonic Wars? My imagination starts ticking away, and then I have a story that I simply must write. And finally, I did.”

Ms Clare has hopes that the book will succeed in entertaining readers, both young adult and adult.

“If readers will say at the end of the book, hey, this is a good yarn, I’ll be over the moon. That’s all I want, to entertain people. But I’ve also touched on some issues that I hope readers can relate to, that some people might even find uncomfortable. You know, if you think back on most fairy tales told to children, they’re not about perfect people. They often portray the darker aspects of life. ‘The Viking’s Curse’ is no different and I hope that it’s easy for readers to understand and relate to the issues in the book no matter how old they may be, or what race and culture they belong to.”

This positive outlook from the author is certainly testament to her optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation.

She admits it was really difficult to write it. “I had never before written a full fiction story and had to learn how. Then while I was just starting on its outline, a hailstorm destroyed my home and my family had to leave it for seven months. We moved from one place to another while repairs were being made. I nearly gave up but was determined to finish it. Reading up on how other authors developed their style and writing process helped me a lot.”

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