Romance Novels Amazon Books Author Amelia Rose Free Box Set Launched

An Amazon book download offer has been launched by Beldene Publishing of London with a 4-book boxset of romantic stories from author Amelia Rose - 'Mail Oder Bride - Montana Passion' - at no cost to customers.

Beldene Publishing of London UK announced the launch of an offer for customers to receive author Amelia Rose’s Montana Passion Brides 4-book box set download.

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Amelia Rose is described on Amazon as a ‘shameless romance addict with no intentions of ever kicking the habit’. With this launch from Beldene Publishing the ‘Mail Order Bride – Montana Passion’ box set is available at no cost to customers and can be read on any E-reader device including Kindle, Ipad, Nook reader, PC, Mac etc…

The first of these free books tells the story of Lady Moira Brennan who is sold into marriage by her uncle to a prosperous Montana farmer Pryor MacAteer. Lady Moira dreams of owning her own land. Will she discover the truth behind her marriage contract?

The second book ‘Freedom For A Bride’ tells the story of Nathaniel Russell who writes off for an exotic-looking bride by the name of Katia, but she holds secrets that no one in town would expect, and they may run deep enough to keep Katia and Nathaniel apart forever.

The third book ‘Adventure For A Bride’ is about recent widower Wyatt Flynn with 3 children who needs to find another wife, but Millie Carter is unlike his late wife Anna Mae. The question is asked: ‘Can Millie win over a heartbroken man, or will she take the next train home?’

With the launch of the Montana Brides books download offer, the fourth book from romance author Amelia Rose is ‘Dreaming Of A Bride’. Torsten O’Conner arrives in New Hope Montana from Ireland after his love leaves him for another man. Life is lonely as a homesteader so with the urging of a friend he writes off for a wife, only to have a villain from his past arrive on the train.

Beldene Publishing had this to say about the author Amelia Rose: “Amelia’s romantic stories will give you the sensual stimulation you might be seeking to arouse your romantic senses”.

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