Romance Novel Author Produces Her First Audiobook

USA Today Bestselling Contemporary Romance Author AJ Harmon releases her audiobook “A Choice For Claire” on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

( — October 27, 2015) Portland, Oregon — With the popularity of audiobooks on the rise, many authors are choosing to have their books produced in an audio format. Romance writer AJ Harmon joins this elite group of authors by choosing to have “A Choice for Claire” recorded for distribution on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

“It is very exciting to share my work with a new audience,” AJ began. “With today’s on the go lifestyle, more and more readers are choosing to consume books audibly while commuting, exercising or doing chores.” After receiving tons of requests from fans to release her romance novels as audiobooks, Harmon has made an effort to keep them happy.

When Harmon started this project she had no idea what she was doing. “I’m a romance novelist, not a recording artist,” Harmon expounded. “Finding a narrator to read the book was the first step. After requesting auditions online, 17 voice over artists sent in recordings.” It was hard to narrow it down to just one, so AJ asked for a little help from her Facebook friends, posting her top 5 voice picks on her blog and asking fans to vote for who they’d like to listen to.

Alan Taylor won the vote and became the voice of “A Choice For Claire“. Alan and AJ began the project to record this Amazon top rated romance novel (4.8 Stars) on September 1, 2015, releasing it on October 25th for Audible and Amazon, with iTunes launching later this week.

Harmon joins the ranks of great authors like Edgar Allan Poe (The Raven) and Helen Keller (Midstream) whose works were recorded in 1931. Back then it was to give the blind and visually impaired access to great literature. With the advent of the cassette tape, listening to books began to find a foothold in the mainstream markets. Books on tape launched a new convenient way to consume content. When CD’s and CD players flooded the market, the audiobook industry really started to grow quickly.

Digitally downloading audiobooks to a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player is extremely simple and has added to the demand for books available as audio files. 2015 has experienced a 19.5% increase in units consumed, making audiobook production a $1.47 billion dollar industry according to APA (the trade association for audio publishers).

A Choice For Claire has had an amazing impact on the authors life and has been well received by readers. Domestic violence has always been something that affected others, but since conceiving this story last year AJ has educated herself on the subject and has had so much feedback from survivors of intimate partner violence that she now understand why she felt so compelled to write this book. So many people are looking for hope and their own happily-ever-after. Claire’s choice can serve as a role model for others trapped in a dangerous situation.

Harmon is always looking for ways to do more. She is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness and funds for domestic violence survivors. She giving an Audiobook of A Choice For Claire to individuals who contribute to the campaign as a gift for helping others.

To learn more about AJ’s effort to help domestic violence survivors visit:

Fiction represents 77% of all audiobooks sold. Adult titles account for 87% of sales with young adult and children’s titles up 3.7% from last year. Audiobook consumers tend to be more educated and searching for ways to enjoy books while multitasking. If you haven’t tried an audiobook before, Audible offers a free trial.

Harmon has plans to produce her First Class Novels and Sky Romance Novels series into audiobooks in the very near future. To learn more about Contemporary Romance Author AJ Harmon visit her website or follow her on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

About AJ Harmon published her debut novel in November of 2012 on Amazon after excepting a dare from a co-worker. She now has 15 novels and 7 novellas available from Kindle, Nook and iTunes. She has just released her first audiobook “A Choice For Claire” available on


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