Roller Derby Coloring Book – Blades/Skates Children Activity Book Launched

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Quinnlyn & Co, an online retailer of quirky gifts, has updated its range of coloring books to include a Roller Derby-themed book of illustrations for customers to color and relax with.

The latest addition to the company’s range includes 45 images suitable for all coloring skill levels and age groups, developed to appeal to fans of roller skating and Roller Derby sports.

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The newest coloring book in the range has been created in response to the increased interest in roller skating in the last few years. Artists and musicians such as Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars have both recently released songs themed around skating: respectively “Be Where Your Feet Are” in 2020 and “Skate” in July 2021.

Though the resurgence of interest in roller skating is fairly recent, the popularity of Roller Derby as a contact sport has remained steady for a long time. Across the world, there are around 1250 amateur Roller Derby leagues, many of which are in the USA. The sport is played by two teams of fifteen and consists of short ‘jams’ (scrimmages) in which players score points by skating laps around members of the opposing team.

Simply titled ‘Roller Derby’, the latest coloring book from Quinnlyn & Co includes 50 individual images themed around the sport, including detailed designs of roller skates, Roller Derby players, costumed skaters, Roller Derby accessories, and complex patterns. Some pages also include interesting facts and information about the sport.

Predominantly played by women, most of the illustrations in the coloring book are of female Roller Derby players, capturing the fun, adrenaline, and enjoyment of the sport in comic book-style cartoon designs. Many of the images use elaborate kaleidoscope-like backdrops to help the final designs pop, and call to mind a 60s vibe that resonates with players of the sport.

A unique gift for fans of Roller Derby and players alike, the coloring book is suitable for children and adults, as a relaxing yet engaging pastime. Coloring books remain a popular hobby for many people and are often considered a form of self-care, to help unwind the mind since there’s truly no wrong or incorrect way to color.

With the latest announcement, Quinnlyn & Co continue to invest in expanding their range of unique and unusual gifts, available online for customers across the USA.

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