ROIGROUP Wants To Change The Way B2B Websites Deliver Revenue And Generate Leads

B2B boutique marketing agency, ROIGROUP has published a new article on common obstacles that prevent manufacturers and industrial distributors from gaining lasting revenue from their website and ad campaigns.

A small Long Island, NY based B2B marketing agency wants to change how manufacturers and industrial distributors generate revenue and build leads using their websites and ad campaigns. Through the use of their custom development services, and exclusive website intelligence module, ROIGROUP is now offering a one-of-a-kind setup that businesses can use to accelerate their return on investment and lead generation potential.

The agency has recently released this article, “12 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Delivering”, which details the most common issues that currently stand in the way of B2B companies gaining real return from their websites and the various marketing campaigns that many industrial companies use to drive traffic. In the article, readers can get a better understanding of the hindrances and obstacles that are currently affecting their websites and marketing campaign strategies, including many that are easy to miss and yet result in considerable detriment to meaningful revenue and lead generation.

Readers can also find clear and necessary steps required to remedy these common issues and start turning their website and marketing campaigns into the ROI boosting assets they’re meant to be. CEO, Mark York has stressed the importance of getting the word out on obstacles that have hindered his clients for years before putting the right platform and tools to work. “Your average B2B seller or industrial distributor is missing a ton of opportunities because they just don’t realize what you can do with a website and really smart marketing campaign. They’re throwing out all this money because they don’t know who their leads are and where they’re coming from. They’re paying for all these ad campaigns and they have no idea which one is bringing in traffic and which ones are just costing them money with nothing to show for it.”

ROIGROUP’s website intelligence module has been developed to help B2B companies tie leads to specific marketing campaigns, eliminating any uncertainty about which are worth the investment and which are failing to deliver despite their expense. This insight gathering system is built into websites that are developed as part of the agency’s LeadGen Edition offering. The tools and assets included address and correct many of the problems detailed in “12 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Delivering”.

The article is now available to view on ROIGROUP’s website, where readers can find more information about how the LeadGen Edition works for manufacturers and industrial distributors.

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