Rogers Park Chicago In-Home Caregivers – Memory Care Creative Writing Launched

Half Moon Bay, California-based Elder Manage Care (630-638-1489) has launched an expanded range of creative activities, designed for clients in Rogers Park, Chicago, and surrounding areas.

The updated services include creative writing, crafts, gardening, virtual travel, music, and more. They form part of the agency’s wider in-home memory and personal care solutions, which also cover the maintenance, administrative, and medical support needs of clients.

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Aging-in-place is becoming the preferred option for many US seniors, owing to the sense of familiarity and independence it entails. The latest creative services from Elder Manage Care recognize that mental engagement and social interaction are important elements for clients who have chosen this approach.

According to the National Institute on Aging, cognitive health can be affected by a range of age-related factors, including strokes, dementia, and mood disorders like depression. The Institute also reports that lifestyle factors can make a significant difference, citing mental engagement activities as improving a person’s quality of life and potentially contributing to cognitive function.

Writing is one activity that stimulates the mind, and Elder Manage Care takes a relatively unique approach in this regard. Employing a team of authors and editors, the agency now assists clients with capturing their life story in words.

While this may seem daunting to some, the staff work through the process of recollection and idea generation, establishing the key moments that should be preserved. Along with mental engagement, this activity results in a polished story that can be shared with family members, loved ones, and friends.

Studies show that creative writing is especially suitable for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia. By engaging the mind through a form of writing therapy, memory care clients can reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate cognitive functions, and enhance remembrance.

Creative activities also extend beyond writing. Clients can now participate in jewelry and mosaic-making classes, as well as singing and piano lessons. A new virtual travel experience also takes advantage of the latest technology from the tourism industry, allowing seniors to explore areas of interest from around the world.

About Elder Manage Care

Founded in 2017, Elder Manage Care provides elderly clients and their families with customized administrative and health services designed to preserve independence. In addition to creative activities, the agency also assists with maintenance, laundry, prescription pickups, doctor visits, estate planning, and more.

A company representative stated: “Elder Manage Care is devoted to making life easier in and around the house. We provide personalized administrative and health care for Northern California, and we always strive to provide affordable solutions and take care to respect your privacy and preferences.”

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